Save up to 50% on project costs for LED upgrades

Voltage Solutions offers free lighting energy audits for LED upgrades through energy-saving incentives! As a member of the BC Hydro Alliance, we can assist and complete BC Hydro project rebates. 
We fully customize every installation with today's most efficient and reliable lighting options, providing the latest lighting technology. As a result, we maximize your return on investment, lower total operating and maintenance costs, consider lumen depreciation, provide necessary controls, and more.


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Systems you can rely on

Voltage Solutions provides custom control boxes for your control applications, including liquid level controls, material handling, ventilation control, temperature control, and more.


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Helping you keep an eye on things

Installing a video monitoring system at your home, business, or around the farm can help you monitor what is important to you, even when you're not around. Our systems will give you access to your cameras when you're on the go through your phone, providing the latest technology in video monitoring equipment.



Exceptional service

We provide certified thermal imaging inspections and reports for property insurance renewals, preventive electrical maintenance, and troubleshooting. Thermal imaging inspections of your complete electrical system can save you from costly repairs and shutdowns due to preventable euipment failure. Our detailed reports offer insight into the "health" of an electrical system.


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Helping harness the sun's energy

Voltage Solutions is dedicated to providing a practical approach to help our customers determine how a solar energy system may suit their businesses or homes. We provide detailed information on the application process, installation costs, and return on investment. In addition, we approach our installs methodically, using proven high-quality components to ensure an effective install that will last.


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Simplify your home with smart capabilities

Whether it's retrofit or new construction, by the sound of your voice or the push of a button, Voltage Solutions can provide complete customization of your lighting, temperature, and even window coverings. We fully design, install and program the system to fit you and your family's needs.