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Stray Voltage Assessment service is typically performed over a 24 hour (Assessment) period. The objectives of Stray Voltage Assessments are to obtain average and peak measurements for that day. Several instruments are attached at a facility to obtain voltage and current values in order to assess if stray voltage is reaching levels which might impair the performance of your animals. Occasionally input from other dairy service professionals may be required, which also may be included into the recommendation(s) made when finalizing this investigation.




Voltage Solutions Ltd has developed and manufactures the Gatekeeper Stray Voltage Control System to combat stray voltage (N.E.V.) This equipment has been instrumental in improving animal performance on many farms in Western Canada for many years by successfully mitigating the effects of stray voltage.



Gatekeeper MODEL 200-CI

This Temporary Ground Current Interrupter controls stray voltage plus it has a Ground Fault Detection system. The Gatekeeper 200-CI mitigates flow of potential Primary and Secondary neutral current, which may be entering the electrical grounding system at a facility. While in operation the Model 200-CI will continually monitor the facilities electrical grounding system for any electrical ground fault. Upon such an event this device will alarm. The Gatekeeper 200-CI is installed at the Service Entrance panel of the facility. Monitoring status is provided with a bold light display panel, which will indicate GREEN: In Service. AMBER: Faulty current Alarm. RED: Fault Alarm.


Gatekeeper MODEL 200-AI

This Auxiliary Ground Current Interrupter can be installed with Model 200-CI and Model 100-C to accommodate for larger service entrances.


Gatekeeper MODEL 100-C

This control unit in conjunction with the auxiliary Model 200-AI operates the same as the Model 200-CI but as a split version so that monitoring status can be seen in a designated location with better visibility for staff.



Gatekeeper MODEL 50-M

This Stray Voltage Monitoring Device is for Ground fault and Faulty current detection. Designed for step down transformers and can be used at service entrances.